Sunday, July 16, 2017

jobless madness

Here’s an update: I’m still jobless.

While I’m typing these onto my keyboard, my Spotify’s streaming decided to stop functioning. I’m mad. I’m mad that I didn’t manage to secure any jobs, I’m mad that my internet quota depleted along the line as I watched AsNTM on Youtube, oops! I’m mad because now I have to listen to my playlist on the phone. (which I used to worship A LOT, I eventually get bored listening to it)

But life is one big madness anyway. One second you’re mad in love, the next second you found yourself pouring a bucket of cold water onto the fiery feelings you’ve had earlier. One minute you own the world, the next minute you’re suddenly out of the universe swinging freely defying the gravity. Yep, I hooked up too much to the AsNTM series until at one point, I found myself talking like Valerie and Veronika while behaving like Clara since 20 years ago. Daddy’s girl rocks! Do you feel the energy that I’m trying to channel right here? LOL.

Given that you’ve had the experience of being so high, suddenly the weight is pulling you down letting your feet touching the ground, again. (hello, gravity) Point number one, you didn’t try hard enough. Point number two, it lets you remember why you’re here at the first place. Moving on to point number three, something’s better, much, much better is in place for you. Point number four, you suck. Yep, I suck.

This girl is still so mad.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

how do you pee

My 6-year-old, handsome nephew came to visit today. He spent the whole day making sure I’m giggling non-stop, obviously. That little hummingbird, I swear, talks a lot, runs around the house, climbs my dad’s car boot, enjoys his bathing session with my grandma, and he also loves Snapchat, so much! It was me who introduced him that amazing fun filter experience thus, no one to be blamed for although my face cramped of smiling in front of the camera together with him. But of course I cherish the time that both of us get to spend with each other.

Man, now I’m getting emotional. One day when he’s all grown up (darjah 3 contohnya) will he still want to let me manja-manja him with my love and also my Snapchat filters? Looking at how he had grown up all these while reminds me to look back and observe myself. I look at how different my daily encounters were 5 years ago when compared to what I’m struggling with right now. Let’s not get me started into that.

Zooming back to my little hummingbird. 

Ty, you already sunat?”, he asked.

“No, I don’t sunat like you do.”, I answered.

This baby right here, apparently knows nothing about this smushy-smushy stuff. Unbelieving of what he had just heard, he rose another unbelievable question.

“Ty, if you don’t sunat then how do you pee??”, he thought he was funny.

I gotta admit I didn’t know how to explain that. Curiosity kills.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

hunting, hair chopping, mi goreng basah...

Earlier today I went for a part-time job hunting, all by my own. Went to a local supermarket and filled a form that legit asked what’s my weight, man was I amused? Of course I did. It was totally fun to experience anyway, given that I actually stepped my feet out of the house and had some me time, and being independent kononnya. *inserts flip hair emoji*

After I went into a few places here and there eyeing for job vacancies, I braved myself into a hair saloon and chopped off my hair. I thought I made it clear to the hairdresser that I wanted hair bangs with its’ length aligning with my nose, but apparently she forgot about it and after 5 minutes (5 freaking minutes! Only??) of chopping here and there, she left me ternganga kat depan cermin lepas tu her assistant just looked at me and said, “dah”. I think I paid RM16 for the air-cond, not the service. Still, I’m satisfied with the haircut, haha! For a moment I was thinking, am I that easy to impress?

There’s no use of crying over spilled milk, tho. Particularly, in my case, my hairdresser forgot to cut my bangs and I don't want to rise the issue takut hairdresser tu pegi gunting rambut I habis-habis, silly thoughts. What's the use of me learning about customer's right back then during SPM years? (Nyatakan definisi nilai hak pengguna, 2 markah.)

I eventually moved on to my next mission. I had been craving for mi goreng basah since I was in the plane on my flight back from Kuching. Wow, that was a fortnight ago… Hence, a plateful (it wasn’t even full) of it sufficed for my little tummy, perhaps. Also, I did some window shopping and developed a headache due to walking in circle inside the same place again and again. Thanks to this unexpected hunting trip, I finally know what my ring size is. It’s the smallest one among the many choices, and the ring still slips a little when I wear it. Dear future husband, ready your customized ring, please.

And the highlight of the day was, I met my long-time-bff! (keeping the stories to myself, hehe)

Lepas tu I balik rumah la, apa lagi.

wake up call

I’ve been thinking of getting my fingers dancing back on the keyboard. Dreaming coast to coast and picturing lengthy paragraph of humors, sarcasms, with a pinch of sadness (drama) of course, and liters of milo o peng because ergh, gotta admit that fella caught my heart already. Proudly saying, I’ve been procrastinating as well, I’m good at the business by the way.

Determined to polish my writing skills, although I know I did pretty bad writing during my finals essay, I would still call it a skill because nobody else will, tonight I decided to sit eye to eye with my 8-years-possession dark blue laptop whom I had a lot to be thankful for. All those ridiculous slide presentations I did back in high school, movies sprint, The Vampire Diaries marathon from season 1 until season 4, the online notes, and most importantly the assignments and also those fuuu lab reports that had me spanking my laptop vigorously but in a sexy way. Sorry about that, honey. You stress, I pun stress. Salam kosong-kosong okay.

I, myself, don’t even know where this story is going. I call this a warming up after a (very) long time of not spilling tears onto the blank white pages. Definitely a wake up call.