Saturday, July 1, 2017

wake up call

I’ve been thinking of getting my fingers dancing back on the keyboard. Dreaming coast to coast and picturing lengthy paragraph of humors, sarcasms, with a pinch of sadness (drama) of course, and liters of milo o peng because ergh, gotta admit that fella caught my heart already. Proudly saying, I’ve been procrastinating as well, I’m good at the business by the way.

Determined to polish my writing skills, although I know I did pretty bad writing during my finals essay, I would still call it a skill because nobody else will, tonight I decided to sit eye to eye with my 8-years-possession dark blue laptop whom I had a lot to be thankful for. All those ridiculous slide presentations I did back in high school, movies sprint, The Vampire Diaries marathon from season 1 until season 4, the online notes, and most importantly the assignments and also those fuuu lab reports that had me spanking my laptop vigorously but in a sexy way. Sorry about that, honey. You stress, I pun stress. Salam kosong-kosong okay.

I, myself, don’t even know where this story is going. I call this a warming up after a (very) long time of not spilling tears onto the blank white pages. Definitely a wake up call.