Sunday, July 16, 2017

jobless madness

Here’s an update: I’m still jobless.

While I’m typing these onto my keyboard, my Spotify’s streaming decided to stop functioning. I’m mad. I’m mad that I didn’t manage to secure any jobs, I’m mad that my internet quota depleted along the line as I watched AsNTM on Youtube, oops! I’m mad because now I have to listen to my playlist on the phone. (which I used to worship A LOT, I eventually get bored listening to it)

But life is one big madness anyway. One second you’re mad in love, the next second you found yourself pouring a bucket of cold water onto the fiery feelings you’ve had earlier. One minute you own the world, the next minute you’re suddenly out of the universe swinging freely defying the gravity. Yep, I hooked up too much to the AsNTM series until at one point, I found myself talking like Valerie and Veronika while behaving like Clara since 20 years ago. Daddy’s girl rocks! Do you feel the energy that I’m trying to channel right here? LOL.

Given that you’ve had the experience of being so high, suddenly the weight is pulling you down letting your feet touching the ground, again. (hello, gravity) Point number one, you didn’t try hard enough. Point number two, it lets you remember why you’re here at the first place. Moving on to point number three, something’s better, much, much better is in place for you. Point number four, you suck. Yep, I suck.

This girl is still so mad.