Saturday, July 1, 2017

hunting, hair chopping, mi goreng basah...

Earlier today I went for a part-time job hunting, all by my own. Went to a local supermarket and filled a form that legit asked what’s my weight, man was I amused? Of course I did. It was totally fun to experience anyway, given that I actually stepped my feet out of the house and had some me time, and being independent kononnya. *inserts flip hair emoji*

After I went into a few places here and there eyeing for job vacancies, I braved myself into a hair saloon and chopped off my hair. I thought I made it clear to the hairdresser that I wanted hair bangs with its’ length aligning with my nose, but apparently she forgot about it and after 5 minutes (5 freaking minutes! Only??) of chopping here and there, she left me ternganga kat depan cermin lepas tu her assistant just looked at me and said, “dah”. I think I paid RM16 for the air-cond, not the service. Still, I’m satisfied with the haircut, haha! For a moment I was thinking, am I that easy to impress?

There’s no use of crying over spilled milk, tho. Particularly, in my case, my hairdresser forgot to cut my bangs and I don't want to rise the issue takut hairdresser tu pegi gunting rambut I habis-habis, silly thoughts. What's the use of me learning about customer's right back then during SPM years? (Nyatakan definisi nilai hak pengguna, 2 markah.)

I eventually moved on to my next mission. I had been craving for mi goreng basah since I was in the plane on my flight back from Kuching. Wow, that was a fortnight ago… Hence, a plateful (it wasn’t even full) of it sufficed for my little tummy, perhaps. Also, I did some window shopping and developed a headache due to walking in circle inside the same place again and again. Thanks to this unexpected hunting trip, I finally know what my ring size is. It’s the smallest one among the many choices, and the ring still slips a little when I wear it. Dear future husband, ready your customized ring, please.

And the highlight of the day was, I met my long-time-bff! (keeping the stories to myself, hehe)

Lepas tu I balik rumah la, apa lagi.