Sunday, July 2, 2017

how do you pee

My 6-year-old, handsome nephew came to visit today. He spent the whole day making sure I’m giggling non-stop, obviously. That little hummingbird, I swear, talks a lot, runs around the house, climbs my dad’s car boot, enjoys his bathing session with my grandma, and he also loves Snapchat, so much! It was me who introduced him that amazing fun filter experience thus, no one to be blamed for although my face cramped of smiling in front of the camera together with him. But of course I cherish the time that both of us get to spend with each other.

Man, now I’m getting emotional. One day when he’s all grown up (darjah 3 contohnya) will he still want to let me manja-manja him with my love and also my Snapchat filters? Looking at how he had grown up all these while reminds me to look back and observe myself. I look at how different my daily encounters were 5 years ago when compared to what I’m struggling with right now. Let’s not get me started into that.

Zooming back to my little hummingbird. 

Ty, you already sunat?”, he asked.

“No, I don’t sunat like you do.”, I answered.

This baby right here, apparently knows nothing about this smushy-smushy stuff. Unbelieving of what he had just heard, he rose another unbelievable question.

“Ty, if you don’t sunat then how do you pee??”, he thought he was funny.

I gotta admit I didn’t know how to explain that. Curiosity kills.