Thursday, February 16, 2017

turning 20

I turned 20 yesterday.

Do I feel big yet? Quite, I must say. Do I feel like I'm growing up too fast? Very. I remember a decade ago I used to wonder and ponder on thoughts how will I live my life when I'm 18... 19... and the number goes on. Do I encounter ridiculous problems while transitioning myself into adulthood? Who doesn't??  Have I found the love of my life yet? Idk this one. The guy that I had been 'spying' on is already taken by his own best girl friend hahahaha let's take some moments to mourn over my sadness. Padan muka.

It's the new semester and I should solely focus on lectures, tutorials, assignments, tests, quizzes.... and whatnot...

Oh wow this is how being 20 feels like.

Currently hungry by the way. Maybe I need some burgers...