Thursday, January 19, 2017

broken promises

Remember the promise I made that I'll be consistently active writing on my blog? I think I had it broken already.

(Muka tak bersalah) hihihihi

The purpose of me wanting to re-live my blog again is so that one day when I have sooo much free time lol (which is quite impossible) I will be reading through all those rants and be thankful to myself because;

Number 1: I actually made time to record the rants for future references hahaha k
Number 2: Memories
Number 3: Idk

That's it. I haven't write any essays for a verrrry longgg time hence it's wise to say that I'm currently out of vocabularies which is tremendously awful because I've been deciding to enroll Academic English 2 on next semester ok mari menangis.

Talking about semester, it had been a roller coaster ride since day one of my degree study. Let that sink in for a while... Maybe we'll go deeper into that next time since I'm on my sem break hihihi

Sem break = Campus life? What's dat?? Idek idek

Tbh I was quite devastated during the half remaining of 2016 because someone broke his promises hahahahaha shouldn't be mentioning this thing here ok ok I should stop instantly.


Nak kena tunggu emosi stabil baru dapat tulis perkara bermanfaat. Kot.