Thursday, August 25, 2016

after a long hiatus

I decided to leave my blog for a while since I was so occupied with a lot of things going around. Mana nak pergi belajar driving, balik kampung, getting ready the borang and stuffs for the degree intake and I suddenly realized that I had consumed a lot of my time jeng jeng jeng now that I'm on the next level of education.

BTW I MANAGED TO GET MY DRIVING LICENSE!! Woohooo! (The truth is I failed my first JPJ test attempt so I had to take another one.)

The degree course intake result was out a day after I arrived from kampung. Being too tired due to the long journey... I woke up at 9am... Apa punya anak dara ni? Heheh. Then I checked my phone and blurghhh there were a lot of notifications coming form my Whatsapp!

"Guys result dah keluar guys!"

"Nombor semakan dia kena guna sms guys."

"Guys korang dapat course apa guys??"

"Korang dah cek ke guys?"

So I went freezing, my heartbeat couldn't get any calmer. Slowly I began to follow the procedures; dapatkan nombor semakan and suddenly I was already logged in to UNIMAS official website.