Friday, June 10, 2016

the first of the very first

Exactly 9.30am today, was my very first time driving on the road. By the word road, I mean the circuit. Bukan electric circuit, it's the litar memandu. Hehe. I know I'm way to ketinggalan for not having a driving license despite the fact that I'm almost 20. Tu la lepas habis SPM dulu kurung diri dalam rumah kononnya nak menikmati kebebasan lepas tamat zaman persekolahan. Sekarang baru terhegeh-hegeh nak pi ambik lesen sedangkan I'm currently fighting with time.

If I don't complete everything perfectly on time, all those lesson pastu test apa-apa je lah... The conclusion is clear, I'm going back to Kuching without my driving license and I'm going to feel super devastated about that!

Not going to let that happen! Uhm... *scratches head*

I told my teacher that this is my very very first time touching the steering. (My dad won't let me touch his car's steering either. Tekan hon pun tak pernah.) She said takpe, kita belajar. But I know, deeeep way down in her heart; "I have no faith in you, girl." Bahahaha. She's nice actually. It's just my wild imagination.

I didn't feel the nervousness as I was waiting for my turn. I guess that this is just my thing now, I don't get excited too easily, and at the same time I'm just lightly nervous-but-not-that-nervous. No more butterflies in the stomach feeling, which I find quite weird? Mungkin sebab asyik kena berhadapan dengan presentation dan test dan final exam masa Asasi dulu that I already lost my nerve. Kahkah. Really, everything was so compact back in Asasi since we are supposed to complete the courses in merely a year!

Ok back to my driving lesson's story again. I felt meh. I drove like meh. I pressed the clutch and the brake like meh.

Meh = I don't care what I'm doing. I just wanted to finish this 30 minutes session as fast as possible so I can go back home and sleep soundly like a baby!

I woke up as early as 5.57am ok!

I went meh for everything since I wasn't too excited to drive anyway! Hahahahaha. Except for this one thing!! I kept on pressing the pedal minyak because the car was so slow. I cannot tahan being inside a slow car. I cannot tahan driving with speed as slow as 20km/h. Tak sedar diri newbie. Ew.

Now I must say, I'm going to be one of those not responsible people who speeds up on the road. I'm the impatience type, gais.

Let's just pray that I won't end up that way. I'm getting worried now. Ish.