Saturday, June 11, 2016

si peramal cuaca

My nenek, si peramal cuaca. It was thundering here and there since the after noon. The clouds look heavy and ready enough to let out its' cry. My nenek rushed out to save the life of our laundries while I was in the loo doing a very important business.

Yes, I'm a businesswoman. Kehkehkeh.

She lured for quite some times at the back of the house calling out for our jiran's cats. Or maybe I can say stray cats that are stranded at our house because we keep feeding them with our unfinished lauk-pauk so that they won't steal ours. (And they are also very very pretty cats.)

There she was, holding the broom for no reason while looking at the gloomy sky. (Sambil berbual mesra dengan kucing-kucing jiran.)

"Waaa it must be a heavy rain there, look at how white the sky looks." She pointed out. I nodded. Oh.

She keeps on meramal the level of rainy-ness while I was busy eyeing for the super beautiful grey cat yang suka-suka je keluar masuk laman rumah orang. Ey you, no manners la! Hehe.

Not long after that, my nenek si peramal cuaca came with her big bang theory again.

"I think at pasar right now already rain la. Confirmed!"

I looked at her again, not knowing what to answer while giving a confused look. How can she just ramal things as easy as that, I thought. Is it sahih? Where did nenek get that kind of intuition? She sounds clever by the way. Hehe.

Maybe this is the elders' super power. Orang yang dah lama makan garam. I think that their instincts are way too undeniable.

Sayang nenek! *gives flying kiss*