Thursday, June 9, 2016

roti tendang

The other day my dad was back from work. There he was on the dining table. I went to him so that we can have our usual evening talks together with my mom while drinking some nice iced soda with a plate of kuih he bought on the way home.

"Girl, get me the roti tendang."

I squinted my eyes sambil perah otak memikirkan what on earth is 'roti tendang'. But he kept on saying roti tendang, roti tendang. And I looked at him;

"What is roti tendang?"

"It's the cake la."

"Why you call it roti tendang??"

He simply answered; "Because cake sounds like kick." Showing his teeth, thinking he's funny.

Kick = tendang/sepak

I let an awkward laugh now that I understood the joke. I secretly smiled away as I handed him the roti tendang. Don't you guys think it's quite funny? Bahahahahaha. I kept on thinking about it for the whole night. My dad being my dad. He never get mad at me unless I did something really terrible that I go kecut perut, kecut usus and all that kecut. Unlike my mom who would instantly babble at me if there's something not right with me. Hehe.

But, I love them both equally. Thanks for not letting me share your love with my another siblings. I, somehow feel proud to be the only child in the family. Hihihihi. Although a lot of times I always envy those people who have big brothers.

To think of that, I'm grateful for what God has given me and to what God will give me in the future.

Dear future husband, you better be as funny as my dad.