Monday, June 6, 2016

road to 20

Should I feel old yet?

I was back in my long house during the Gawai’s celebration. Jumpa sedare-mare. And anything related to it. It feels good to be back. Jumpa the mak ciks and pakciks the datuks and neneks.

Satu: “You already a big girl lah.”

Dua: “What are you doing now? You working or still studying?”

Tiga: “Berapa umur? Bila nak kahwin? Look at all these cousins of yours. Most of them already had 2, 3 orang anak.”

I said to myself; “CHILL.”

Yes, I’m a big girl now, confronting life in my late teenage years. The idea of approaching 20’s kinda bugs me a lot. Heheh.

For the time being, I ish officially a penganggur who lives and breathes with my parents’ money while waiting to pursue my degree in this coming September. (I pray that everything will go on smoothly. Amen.)

I’m 19. Masih belum cukup seru lagi untuk jadi menantu pilihan siapa-siapa. I ish also belum terfikir ke arah itu. Iye, I already have a lot of anak buah yang comel-comel sometimes I rasa nak gigit-gigit je diorang pastu kunyah-kunyah cus’ they are way too adorable mannn!

Looking at what life has deal me into, I’m grateful enough to wish a long-lasting happiness to everyone yang pernah datang dan pergi dalam hidup I. (This sounds cheeky. Whatevs.)

Deep inside of my hati hitam yang penuh dosa dan kejahatan yang mungkin tak pernah disedari, I feel so old. Kahkahkah! Those sepupu-sepapat of mine, we used to grow up together during our dark childhood. Luls. I remember the little and big fights that we had which in the end I was the one who ended up with teary eyes. Lepastu diorang makin naik hantu la tengok I nangis. Huhuhu. You know, kids.

Zaman tu dulu I paling benci kalau orang jelir-jelir lidah kat I. Rasa nak gosok-gosok je lidah dia dekat pagar kayu biar kena selumbar.

Time sure flies so fast.