Monday, June 20, 2016

my dad

He woke up that morning and did his usual morning routine. Early bath early in the morning? Not a big deal. He wore a three quarter jeans which he had already wear for almost a... week? Heh. He really didn't bother wearing the same pants over and over again not until my mom instructed;

"Let me wash that pants!! It's smelly already! How come you not smell it?!" Then only he will change to another pants and wear it for a couple of days (again) until my mom insisted to wash it. *repeats process* Lol.

He loves his car, realllly. Whenever he has free time in the morning or maybe in the evening after work, he will spend his time washing and membelai manja his baby car. Which often lasted for more than an hour. That's how devoted he is to his car, pure love.

Yesterday morning, instead of spending time with his baby car, he swept the garage! He swept the front door! He also cleaned the standing fans! And then he cooked some dishes! Uh well he actually 'recooked' the udang masak sos that I had cooked for dinner in the previous night. My dad, when it comes to cooking... Wallah! He has magic hands indeed. Which is a talent that I didn't manage to inherit. Huhu. He recreated the udang masak sos into something very creamy but still with udang and shredded chicken in it.

Dia ni guna bahan apa buat lauk ni creamy-creamy? Guna tepung ke? Tak nampak pun sisa-sisa tepung atas dapur... But I remembered him pouring the vinegar into the pan, that's it. I've never used vinegar in my cooking so uh, I don't know what it does. *shy*

Later in the evening, (still yesterday's evening) we both went to buy groceries at the market near to our residential. My mom offered herself to be happily at home to watch over the laundries takut hari nak hujan. I jumped happily at the thoughts of not needing to handle it, I secretly hate doing laundries... or melipat-lipat laundries... or sorting out my closet... and anything related. (T_T)

Bila dah sampai rumah tu kan, he immediately washed the meat, he cleaned the meat real good, he chopped the onions, (he chopped like a pro, dia ni pernah jadi chef agaknya) he voluntarily cooked for dinner while my mom and I were busy chomping the cakoi and popia that I bought at the bazaar. Of course, he was never a failure in doing his cooking job. The dish he cooked was so sedap, even my mom cannot lawan. Hehehehe.

I've been waiting for the right time to tell him this important sentence. Sebenarnya dari pagi lagi nak cakap tapi dia busy ke sana kemari doing the house chores but I also helped in doing the chores ok. My mom would definitely poke my eye balls if I were to goyang kaki only.

This was the very important sentence that I would like him to hear;

"Happy father's day, dad."

He smiled widely showing his um-not-so-white-teeth.

My mom looked at him while saying;

"Ooh! Patutlah rajin semacam!"