Monday, June 13, 2016

day 2 of being a newbie

This morning I had my second driving lesson at the academy. Before I left home, it was raining cats and dogs and belacan. Eh, why belacan? I tried sooo hard to get out of my comfy blanket. Belacan betul hujan ni.

I thought to myself; "Why must rain when I need to go out of the house? Why?! I don't wanna go to driving lesson. I just want to cuddle myself!!"

Nevertheless, I forced myself to get up and when the shower poured on me wallah sejuk gilaaaa! I survived the extraordinary cold shower anyway. I was all mengantuk gila on my way to the academy but hey, my dad sacrificed his punch card timing just to send me off so nah, not gonna be rude and snores like a tapir. Tehee. Sorry dad if your punch card looks ugleh for coming late to the office, it's all because of me, your manja daughter yang tak reti nak berdikari. (T_T)

As usual, I had to wait for my turn. I arrived at sharp 8 ok, yet my turn was at 9.45am so yes I was hungry nak mampos tapi macam tak sempat la pulak nak pegi makan-makan, bersiar-siar serta bermandi-manda dengan air hujan. There I was, sitting on the bench with the other students. It sounds weird naming us 'students' but it is the reality, we are students!! I didn't talk to anyone because I had a kilogram of gold inside my mouth so I just browsed through my phone. Ceh, typical youngsters nowadays lah kan.

Ok, here comes the thrilling part!!!! (Must put a lot of exclamation marks because it is very very thrilling. Hehe.) After a few minutes of wandering around the circuit, my teacher taught me to do the U-turn. I did the U-turn tanpa syak wasangka, I was all cool, I'm always cool btw.


"Girl, we're going out of the circuit later ok? You're gonna drive on the road ok?" Real road gais, with the lori-lori gergasi and whatsnot. Of course I was astonished tahap nak mengalirkan air mata but I just nodded dengan senyuman manis. I bet I looked really calm, and cool at the same time. Heheh.

Off we went, changed the gear la, pressed the brake la, pressed the minyak la, oi signal jangan lupa la, be aware of the other cars la. I think I did well, I think... Lucky for me, there weren't a lot of cars on the road as if they already knew that an innocent person like me is going to drive for the first time on the innocent road.

The seconds before I did the U-turn to drive back to the academy, there was a green Petronas tanker on the opposite way of the road and I went omagad am I going to get crushed by that giant omagad I still wanna live my life omagad!

My teacher calmly instructed; "Just go on with the U-turn. Still far away ah that lorry."

Far away?? To me, it looks like it was only 200 meters away from us, omagad. It's not that far ok, I did run for 200 meters in the solo category masa acara sukan sekolah dulu trust me it's not that far. (Padahal I was the second last person to finish the run. Huhu.)

Off we went on the road after I managed to kick the tanker's ass. Unfortunately, our car berselisih with a superrr big lorry that carries a lot piles of wood! There I go again, omagad are those woods going to fall on little creatures like us? (I drive the cute little Axia.) Omagad habislah kalau kena hempap. Penyeklah, lenyeklah macam pancake. Mom, I love you. Dad, I love you.

Hence, I started to doubt the existence of paranoia.

Fuhh! *wipes sweat although I wasn't sweating at all* We were back at the academy again. Safe, and sound.

Eh, got one thing I forgot to mention! When I was driving on the road, the teacher trusted me to increase the speed so I went at 40km/h. She wanted me to maintain the speed but... I STILL THINK IT IS SO SLOW! I WANT MORE! My right foot was so itchy to press the pedal minyak even more and more until the meter indicates 100 or at least 80. Help. 

Damn that feeling. Back then in the Asasi years I would menyumpah-seranah people who drive so fast whenever I jalan kaki around the campus.

I would always say this line; "Oi, this is a campus oi! Maximum speed is 40km/h only!!"