Tuesday, May 31, 2016

finding my way back

Last night I was thinking, what if I started blogging again? (I used to be an avid blogger of my daily life when I was in Form 2.) Yes, you could imagine how immature those writings were. (Puke.)

What if I do this, do that, what if? And the rhetoric questions went on and on. Pointless duh, like a blunt pencil.

So I woke up this morning and thought to myself;

"Hey, why don't I go to Vivy Yusof's blog to read some stuff?" You and I know she's cool liddat, wallahhh!

Ending up not just reading some stuff. Post-post yang tahun lepas pun I baca dengan tekun, gigih dan berdaya maju. Hence, terbitnya penulisan ini.

Guess that after reading her write up I've been injected by some kind of black magic (inspirations) which keep on bugging my soul till this very second; I should blog again, I must!

Now that I had found my way back. (Amboi ayat kemain.)